There are a number of things in life that hold a lot of importance in a person’s life. The relationships that you develop and the landmark achievements like your first job or birthdays are one of the biggest assets in your life, but what makes these beautiful moments worth reminiscing is when you turn these special days into an occasion. These occasions play a very crucial role in a person’s life because they give them an opportunity to reconnect with their roots and rekindle with things with those valued relations that you cherish. Especially in today’s date, when most of the world is running to catch up with the busy going lives, it’s these occasions that remind them to take a breather and gives us an excuse to take time out for the people who really matter in life.


Truth be told, it’s the thought and feelings that go behind celebrating a special day what makes it an occasion. The planning, the excitement, the reunion! It’s all these little things that cumulate together to make it a day worth remembering. Another very essential ingredient that completes an occasion is gifts! Gifts are like a token of appreciation and affection. Sometimes words fall short when one tries to express their true feelings for someone, but gifts are the perfect gesture that speaks a thousand words without having to explain a thing. There are many websites that will help you to find the best gifts online based on occasion. Still not convinced about the importance of gifts during an occasion? Here are a few reasons that will change your mind:

1. It makes the occasion all the more special

There’s no doubt about the fact that an occasion is made special, not just born out of the air to hold high importance in your life. Just like everything else in your life, an occasion needs efforts to make it even more special. What’s a birthday when there’s no cake or no celebration? What’s a golden-jubilee anniversary with no one to congratulate you or no one to enjoy the occasion with? This is why gifts are a very essential part of any celebration! Gifts bring about a distinct joy in the hearts of the people present and it helps in giving the special day the importance it deserves. The time and efforts that you invest in picking out a gift for the special person makes the occasion even more eventful because it shows your enthusiasm and compels the whole room to dive headfirst into the celebration and enjoy it to the core.

2. It gives the receiver and you a chance to build another memory

One of the most important treasures a man holds in his life are the memories he makes throughout his life. Memories are those prized possessions that stay with you till your last breath! They are like an escape into the sweet old past where you can indulge in the moments that you cherish forever. But for one to reminisce in memories, their need to exist certain unforgettable moments that can be remembered right? A gift gives you the gateway through which you can get pulled back to the joyous occasion and relive the amazing moments of that special day. They are the perfect souvenirs from a dream like trip that you would like to keep stored in your memories forever.

3. It lets the receiver know how you feel for them

In our everyday lives we become so occupied in our day to day activities that we forget to take a break and remind our loved ones how unconditionally we love them. It is the sad truth, but often neglect expressing our true feelings because the fast running world just won’t let us catch a breath. Under these circumstances, occasions are the perfect reality checks that compel you to take a pause and let your love and affection for your special person out in the open. Unfortunately, not every time words are the most useful tools to fight any combat with. In fact, at time like these words seem to fall short of how you truly feel. This is why gifts are an essential part of occasions and celebrations, because they are the perfect window to your heart’s true feelings. It does not matter how expensive or cheap the gift might be, it’s the thought that goes behind the gift that counts.

4. Shows that you care about the receiver and the special day

We meet a number of people in our lives but we share the heart to heart connection only with a few. It is not easy to find people who you can emotionally rely on and prefer to include as a part of your life. The key to maintaining these exceptional bonds is to put in valued efforts for it. On a special occasion we don’t invite the people who matter the least to us, but we wish to include those who matter the most to us. Efforts need to come from both sides to make something work out, hence, you need to show that you equally care about your loved one, and what better way to do it other than gifts! When you go out to buy a gift for your loved one, you look to buy something that they will like. This shows that you care about the receiver and his/her choices and makes your bond even stronger!

5. It brings up the excitement!

You’d be lying if you said that you don’t like receiving gifts. Everyone loves receiving gifts because it brings out the child in you. When you give someone a gift on a special occasion, it amps up the excitement with the anticipation to know what might be inside the gift!

Gifting is a beautiful experience and one that everyone cherish as a lovable memory in their lives. Make your occasions even more special with a gift from Oye Happy and make it an event to remember. Check out the amazing collection of variety of online gifts on Oye Happy. Buy a gift that will leave a beautiful imprint and cease the day!


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