With how much it costs to move to a new home, it’s not surprising you’re reluctant to pour money into the house you’re leaving behind. But those minor and sometimes major repair issues you’ve tolerated can deter buyers from making an offer or even kill the deal. So what should you fix and what should you ignore? Answer that. And you could potentially save a lot of time and money.

You know, if you were back in the market, we disclosed we had these issues and every other buyer that comes into view our property. Well, then, of course, want these issues addressed.

So what repairs you absolutely need to make before you list your house. We spoke to experts in home improvement and scoured the Internet to find the seven must fix issues you’ll need to tackle to get your house sold first. Faulty wires. Electrical problems lead to over 51000 electrical fires a year, according to fixed income. The cost of rewiring a twelve hundred square foot home averages ten thousand dollars. Chances are you have smaller repairs, such as missing wire nuts, open or damaged junction boxes, frayed wiring and faulty light switches or outlets.

This will run you an average of sixty five dollars to eighty five dollars per hour, plus the cost of materials, which is a small price to pay to make sure you can close the deal next. Poor grading and drainage, grading and drainage referred to how water such as from rain or melting snow is directed away from your home. Clogged rain gutters, faulty downspouts, water stains and spongy soil around your foundation are all signs of issues to fix up.

Fixes can be as simple as cleaning the gutters to adding downspout extensions and gutters screens to prevent clogs. The future homeowners of your house won’t need to worry about water damage or drainage, which can be a huge relief if they need to move in soon.

Roof problems, clogged storm gutters can lead to water damage, sewer shingles and wood rot. But if you’ve got a little water leaking into your home during rainstorms, you can fix your roof issues by replacing damage, weather stripping and shingles for about six hundred dollars. The roof is one of the most important components of a house. Don’t let a shabby roof scare away buyers. Foundation problems. If you’re lucky, your home’s foundation issues will be minor, caused by the natural settling of a home over time.

Basic repairs to a foundation are between eight hundred dollars to fifteen hundred dollars, according to the Foundation Repair Network. And that’s not including additional costs such as slab jacking and the fees of a structural engineer to assess the damage. Some signs of foundation problems include noticeably slanted floors, windows and doors that don’t close properly. Cracks in your interior walls. Gaps above cabinets and visible cracks in the exterior foundation. A severely damaged foundation can make it almost impossible to sell your house. Also be aware of water issue where you may need to bring in a top rated home renovation contractor┬áto make needed repairs.

Poor upkeep, peeling paint, worn out carpeting, damaged tiles, cracked pavement. These cosmetic issues may seem minor, but there is a chance that that may cause your sale to fall through the first cosmetic fixes to consider a fresh coat of paint and replace the carpeting. If it’s more than five to seven years old, you should also fix any minor damage, such as replacing broken tiles and securing loose handrails. If your kitchen and bathrooms are older, give them an updated look with new light fixtures, faucets and cabinet pools.

But with a couple of minor adjustments, you show buyers that your house is ready to move into without them spending thousands. In addition to the ticket price, faulty plumbing plumbing problems lead to water damage, which means mold and dry rot. Costs to repair water damage depends upon a variety of factors, including the source of the water, the size of the damaged area and how long the damage has gone unnoticed. Plumbing issues range from leaks around faucets or toilets to damaged pipes that need replacing more complex problems, such as snaking clogged drains or replacing pipes need a licensed plumber, which costs between 70 dollars to one hundred twenty five dollars per hour for a small price.

Don’t let leaky plumbing get in the way of closing the deal.

HB Acey, a new HB ACA unit, can cost you anywhere from four thousand dollars eleven thousand dollars, including installation. So this is an expense you’ll want to avoid if possible. If your system is running inefficiently, a qualified technician may be able to make repairs. Your HB AC unit just be prepared for the expense as you’ll pay a flat rate for the service call, plus fees for any repairs or parts needed. Buyers will want to know that air quality heat and AC are all intact before they make an offer and close the deal.

Bottom line, when in doubt, ask your real estate agent what to fix before selling a house unless the problem is obvious. When we purchased out home, our senior real estate specialist in Toronto helped us make a list of repairs that would help the home sell faster. Chances are your untrained eye won’t be able to find all your repair needs. Find a top real estate agent to help you through the process at home. Likeme.


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