The other day, I was organizing my desk in the office when I came across a card my marketing/advertising friends gave me when I left the industry (which is what I did before going to nutrition school and became a holistic nutritionist).

It was filled with photos of me (and really sweet messages) and I couldn’t help but notice how much puffier and older I looked than I do now – and these were photos from my twenties (I’m now 41!). Not to mention, my cheeks were always red. I’m not saying that to be hard on myself. It’s simply an observation.

I would have described myself as a total health nut and my co-workers would have agreed. Yet, looking back now, I was not the epitome of health, nor did I feel or look my best.

Here’s what an average day looked like and “health habits” that I thought were super healthy:

1. [Processed] Whole Wheat & Dairy

I would eat low-fat everything, a ton of processed whole wheat products and bran cereal (more processed wheat with sugar added!) with berries and skim milk every morning (some pro-inflammatory dairy to top it all off!). That was until I switched to soy milk and was addicted to all things soy and ended up struggling with hormonal imbalance for many years.

2. Low-Fat

My lunch was usually a salad with low-fat dressing or a low fat turkey wrap which both sound so unappetizing to me now. These days, my salads are full of healthy sources of fat that are incredibly satiating too.

I just can’t imagine eating what I ate back then, especially because in hindsight, I really did not feel my best. Side note: This was not a result of what learned from Ma McCarthy – she was NOT into low-fat everything. That was a Joy McCarthy thing, thinking that’s how I would manage my weight.

3. High Carbohydrate Snacks 

By the afternoon, I’d be craving sugar and caffeine since my lunch was simply not filling enough. I would go to Starbucks and get a tea sweetened with artificial sweeteners or a non-fat, sugar-free vanilla latte (again, artificially sweetened).

Because we had Effem Foods as a client at the advertising agency (they make Mars bar, snickers, starburst candies etc), I would often [read: every day at 3 or 4pm] snack on peanut M&Ms that were stashed under my desk. I had 100’s of packets of them over the time period I worked with this client which was super dangerous for a sugar addict like me. You may have already read about this in my second book Joyous Detox where I shared how I broke my sugar addiction. 

4. Overexercising

I was always bloated by mid-afternoon (nothing my control-top tights could hide anymore), tired, suffering from eczema and was actually heavier than I am now (even though I was pretty much obsessed with running). In fact, I would go for a run at 5:30am most days of the week and exercised A LOT more than I do now.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because what I realized by reflecting on this is that we truly have no idea how amazing our bodies are designed to feel until we finally stop accepting our current state as the norm.

Even though I was tired, constantly fighting the 3pm slump and experiencing everything from poor digestion, thinning hair, irregular periods and moodiness.

I just surrendered to it because I believed that I was doing everything I possibly could and this was the best it was going to get. I literally accepted the fact that I was a sugar addict and that’s just who I was. Boy, was I wrong.

My boyfriend at the time encouraged me to take a course because he knew I was very passionate about wellness but feeling a little lost given my current health concerns. The clouds parted after taking a 3 day course through the Paul Chek Institute. That was it. I was SOLD. It was exactly what I needed. A few months later, I enrolled into nutrition school and explored the world of holistic health.

My life was completely transformed with everything I learned and I never looked back.

I learned so much in that three-day course and from spending nearly three years studying nutrition and the 10 years following my graduation from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition: 

And while I’m in my 40s now, I can truly say that I have never felt better than I do now.

I want you to experience this too. I want you to discover how incredibly AMAZING, energetic, glowing and phenomenal your body was designed to look and feel!

And with Joyous Detox Online, I promise you, that you can too!

I’ve put all of my learnings from my 10 years in practice as a Holistic Nutritionist into this course, in addition to the core principles from my super successful Joyous 10-Day Detox that helped thousands of people transform their state of health and experience true Joyous Health!

There’s no better time to start taking care of yourself than now and with Joyous Detox Online, you will discover that making these dietary and lifestyle changes are easier, more enjoyable and more delicious than you could ever imagine!

Joy xo

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