I’ve written extensively about migraine triggers and causes as well as natural ways to prevent migraines. Today I’m going to focus on natural health supplements that have been found to be effective in preventing or treating, and in some cases, both. I am very passionate about this topic because there are literally millions of people suffering and many may not realize there are options that are natural, safe and effective. 

If you are stumbling across this blog post because you were searching natural cures for migraines, then be sure to read my first two posts, here and here . If there is something I haven’t addressed, please feel free to post in the comment section. 

Please note: this post is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your healthcare practitioner for specific recommendations especially when it comes to natural health supplements to ensure there are no contraindications with any other supplements or medications you are taking. I also do NOT recommend you take all of these supplements together. The purpose of this post is to evaluate all the available evidence and share it with you so that you can make your own decisions. 

Here are the top natural health supplements to prevent and relieve migraines.

Essential oils

Several essential oils have been proven effective for the treatment of migraines and can be useful during an attack.

I’m a big fan of this Sage Halo roll and I keep it in my bag at all times! Whenever I travel it’s an essential item I always bring with me because air travel can be a trigger for me.

I roll the oil on the back of my neck and my forehead. It is not a cure but I do find it lessens the pain. 

Natural Health Supplements


I love chopping up some fresh ginger by thinly slicing it and putting it in a hot mug of water or having a fresh juice or smoothie loaded with ginger. It’s a great way to reduce gas and bloating too along with lemon and water.

However, to gain the most benefits of it, I would recommend taking it as a supplement. I really love this one. 


Omega-3 Fish Oils

Omega-3 fish oils have a number of proven health benefits! When it comes to migraines, both EPA and DHA are essential for regulating our brain function, nerve impulses and inflammation.

Studies have shown that supplementing with fish oil daily can help reduce both the severity and frequency of migraine headaches and can be taken for preventative measures. This has helped me immensely with headaches. When I started supplementing regularly with fish oil my headaches went from 2-3 a month to 1 every couple of months. 

I take the same fish oil as my daughter Vienna because it also has lutein in it, a phytonutrient helpful for combatting the negative the effects of blue light.

Of course, you may want more DHA and EPA in your fish oil than what you’d get from this one, but it’s helped me, it tastes delicious and it’s made my hair SUPER shiny!! You can find it here.


Just be careful if you take anti-depressants because they shouldn’t be combined with 5-HTP. Be sure to discuss this with your healthcare practitioner first. 


I really like St. Francis products and this is the feverfew I recommend. 


I like this brand of CoQ10 in the ubiquinol form.

Now that you’re well informed about all the different natural health supplements available, I just want you to know that supplements are only one piece of the migraine puzzle.

For example, if you start taking feverfew and it’s working well for you that’s awesome! But if you go off and your migraines come back then you are not addressing the root cause. 

First, you want to remove the triggers, then address your diet and lifestyle and then supplements can provide relief and in some cases like omega-3s, help you address the root cause such as chronic inflammation.

As always, any questions, please feel free to post below in the comments section. I truly hope this information helps you.

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