I had been looking for a solution to store my most frequently used tools and “works in progress” in my sewing area. I loved the SKÅDIS Pegboard, but I didn’t have enough wall space, so I thought it was out of the question. After looking at some craft carts, I realized I could hack my own and have a mobile solution that fit my needs perfectly. Now, my tools and fabrics are within easy reach. Plus, there’s plenty of space on the shelves to store my current projects neatly in boxes.

IKEA items used:
  • FIXA 114-piece Cable Management Set
  • KUGGIS Box with Lid (10 ¼x13 ¾x6 “)
Other materials and tools:
  • Cat helper (optional)

About $80

Hack instructions for SUNNERSTA craft cart

Assemble the SUNNERSTA cart.

Open the FIXA Cable Management Set. You’ll use the zip ties.

Lay the SUNNERSTA cart on its side on the floor. Position the SKADIS pegboard even with the top rail of the cart.

Use the zip ties to fasten the pegboard to the cart rail. Tip: If the zip tie doesn’t stay closed, flip it over – the rough side should be against the pegboard. Tighten each zip tie as tight as you can.

Place two zip ties to fasten the middle of the pegboard to the second rail. Tip: make sure the square fastener of the zip tie is on the inside of the pegboard, not the outside.

Once all the zip ties are attached, use the scissors to trim off the long ends (just above the square fastener). Twist the zip ties so the fasteners are hidden under the rail. Stand the cart upright and admire your work.

Gently twist the hook at the top of the KOMPLEMENT Multi-use Hanger so that it’s slightly sideways. Hang it on the top rail on the other side of the craft cart. Attach the SUNNERSTA container to the top rail.

I discovered each shelf of the cart can hold two KUGGIS boxes. I will have to go back and get two more!

And your craft cart is done! Now you can load up your pegboard with all your sewing tools.

Hang your fabric through the holes in the KOMPLEMENT. And the SUNNERSTA container is perfect for holding scraps!

~ by Hillary Frazey

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