Between my Cauliflower HummusTurmeric Cauliflower Rice and Curry Cauliflower Quinoa Stew, it’s no surprise that I love cauliflower! Cauliflower might not be the first veggie you think of when it comes to a salad, but since this salad is a bit different from your traditional leafy green salad, anything goes!

I love this Roasted Cauliflower Salad recipe because of how warming it is, thanks to the cinnamon and allspice. It’s the perfect winter salad when you’re just not in the mood for a crisp, cold salad and also because cauliflower is typically in season in the fall/winter months, which means it will be cheaper at the grocery store and more nutrient-dense.

Just on a general note, as much as I believe in eating a mix of raw and cooked foods, if you have weak digestion or get gassy after eating cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli or cabbage, then I recommend cooking them (roasting, steaming, sauteeing etc). This salad, of course, includes roasted cauliflower — my favourite way to enjoy cauliflower.

This is also helpful for those with a thyroid condition to consume cooked cauliflower. Goitrogens are substances that occur naturally in cruciferous veggies that can suppress thyroid function. If you moderate your consumption of cruciferous vegetables and make sure to cook them, it can actually reduce the goitrogen content.

All that being said, I have thyroid conditions in my family and I’ve never experienced negative symptoms from cruciferous veggies and I eat a LOT of them. However, I just wanted to caution you on that. 

I may have an extra liking for this recipe too because it’s one of Vienna’s favourites! She never used to like cruciferous vegetables, which at times hurt my holistic mama heart knowing how much of a nutrient-dense powerhouse they are. I was at the point where I was going to give up on them with her until I started roasting them with a bit of cinnamon (this is my go-to brand by the way) as I did in this recipe, and now she LOVES all kinds of cruciferous vegetables, including cauliflower! I will say that she does still pick out the parsley in this salad, but as long as she’s getting some cruciferous veg in her, this mama is happy!

If you’ve read some of my previous recipe posts on cauliflower, you may already be familiar with some of the many health benefits of cauliflower but in case you aren’t as familiar, I thought I’d reiterate some of the key ones!

Health Benefits of Cauliflower

Naturally Detoxifying

Cauliflower contains phytonutrients called glucosinolates that can help activate detoxification enzymes and regulate their activity. In a world where we are exposed to toxins on a regular basis, it’s incredibly important to be incorporating detox-supportive foods and lifestyle habits daily.

Toxins can damage our cells and put us at risk for developing cancer, which is why anti-cancer foods such a broccoli , Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage and cauliflower are key to include in your diet. If you’re curious about learning more about how you can implement more of a detox-friendly lifestyle, you may want to check out my online program, Joyous Detox Online!

Antioxidant Powerhouse

Beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, caffeic acid, cinnamic acid, ferulic acid, quercetin, rutin and kaempferol are among cauliflower’s key antioxidant properties. This helps to lower the risk of oxidative stress in our cells which could otherwise possibly lead to cancer.


Cauliflower is an incredible fibre-rich food to help support the health of your digestive tract and support regular bowel movements. Researchers have actually determined that the sulforaphane in cauliflower can help protect the lining of your stomach by preventing bacterial overgrowth of Helicobacter pylori in your stomach.


The anti-inflammatory action of glucosinates/isothiocyanates in cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables are showing promising results in helping Crohn’s disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), insulin resistance, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), metabolic syndrome, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes and ulcerative colitis. 

You can most definitely enjoy this on its own or as a side dish alongside fish or Roast Chicken!

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I hope this warms you up on a chilly day! I keep reminding myself that Spring is just around the corner, but until then, I will stay warm and cozy with this roasted cauliflower salad!

Have a joyous day!

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