One thing that makes it easier to get into fall after a beautiful summer is warm, cozy drinks! That, combined with walks in the crisp cool autumn air and crunchy colourful leaves – ooooh! 🙂 But back to those Fall drinks …

I know most people get excited about this time of year because of pumpkin spice everything, but you probably already know most of the conventional pumpkin spice drinks and lattes available aren’t as simple as a little added pumpkin pie spice. Nope! In some cases there’s not even any pumpkin pie spice in the actual drink, aside from the sprinkle they top your drink with to make it look nice – yikes! The pumpkin flavour you’re tasting is actually coming from what they call “Pumpkin Spice Sauce” which contains sugar, condensed skim milk, pumpkin puree, juice for colour, natural flavours, salt, and potassium sorbate. 

Umm … last time I checked, pumpkin spice lattes don’t need any of that! Take my Joyous Pumpkin Spice Latte for instance – it contains only 6 ingredients, all of which are derived from whole foods like pureed pumpkin, real spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg) and plant-based milk.

With that said, I know cozy drinks are a bit of a Fall necessity, so the Joyous Team and I rounded up our favourite Fall drinks to provide you with some ideas for healthy alternatives!

Favourite Fall Drink: Lazy Lady Turmeric Latte 

Why: I know I am kind of predictable in this department but I go back and forth between my Lazy Lady Latte and my Rise and Shine Latte – I love both. There’s just something so fall about this drink – it’s warming, sweet and spicy at the same time. The colour reminds me of the sun which lifts my spirits when it’s dreary, cloudy and rainy outside. It’s impossible not to smile when you sip on this burst of sunshine! Plus I get all the good anti-inflammatory feels when I sip this because of the ingredients such as turmeric and ginger. They are the king and queen of anti-inflammatory superfoods! And finally, it’s a super easy recipe to whip together hence the name “lazy”.


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Favourite Fall Drink: Ginger Fireball from Village Juicery

Why: My drinking habits are similar to my wardrobe — consistent. I’m not one to make huge changes based on the temperature, but instead, I prefer to make a few tweaks here and there. For example, in the spring and summer, my alcoholic drink of choice is a Negroni, whereas, in the fall, I typically trend towards a Boulevardier. The difference? One has gin, the other bourbon. One is bright and citrusy, the other cozy and warming. One tastes like summer, the other tastes like you’re licking an old boot (according to Joy).

Considering you’re reading this on Joyous Health, I should probably include some non-alcoholic favourites as well. One of my absolute favourite fall/winter drinks is the Ginger Fireball from Village Juicery (which is Joyous Health Approved!).

This drink is warm and comforting with punchy flavours like ginger, lemon and turmeric, hence the name “Ginger Fireball” – and that’s a slight warning – because this drink will sizzle and zap any kind of sickness or sore throat that’s trying to make it’s way in, and I mean that in the most wonderful way possible. I love it!

Recipe: If you don’t have a Village Juciery local to you and want to make something similar, I recommend trying Joy’s Daily Detox Zinger Elixir on pg. 135 in Joyous Detox.

Why: Ah, autumn. The best time of year (sorry, Summer). Nothing brings me more joy than sweater weather, beautifully knit scarfs, and a warm cup of herbal tea in an über hipster ceramic mug.

As a year-round tea drinker, I tend to shift towards more earthy and warming flavours as soon as September hits. You’ll find me sipping on our very own Rise and Shine Tea, anything that’s got licorice, or Stash’s Rooibos Chai Herbal Tea. Tea aside, I will never say no to a shot of Toronto’s very own Soma’s Gianduja (that’s fancy for “ground hazelnuts”) Hot Chocolate—it’s a flavour bomb of all things right in the world.

Favourite Fall Drink: Hot Chocolate

Why: My favourite fall drink is a big mug of hot chocolate, but I don’t drink just any hot chocolate – I make a hot chocolate elixir! I love adding high-quality ingredients like coconut butter, coconut oil, real dark chocolate, adaptogenic herbs, and maple syrup. 

One of my favourites go-to recipes is the Joyous Health Maca Hot Chocolate . The nutty flavour of Maca pairs really well with chocolate and the added fat from the coconut butter makes it creamy and delicious. If you are chocolate-obsessed like me, you need to make this drink ASAP!


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Being the intuitive eater that I am, I don’t have one Fall Drink that I gravitate to. I simply base it off of what I’m in the mood for on a given day; sometimes it’s an Oat Milk Flat. While, other times, it’s a Matcha Latte, Turmeric Latte or a cup of Roasted Dandelion Root Tea (for the coffee lovers out there, it’s the closest coffee-alternative out there that I’ve found and it’s super liver-loving!) or a cup of our Joyous Detox Tea or Rise and Shine Tea. 

I’ll go for the Joyous Detox Tea when I’m looking for a digestion boost and the Rise and Shine Tea when I’m just craving cozy comfort :). 

I’m also on the hunt for a healthy Chai Tea Latte in the city, or a yummy recipe to make myself. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

If you’re looking for more cozy Fall drink inspiration, I want to invite you to join our Time For Tea Challenge! This 7-Day Challenge is completely FREE and will inspire and motivate you to take time for #1 – YOU! You’ll learn how to boost energy, metabolism, and your immune system simply by choosing specific teas and incorporating them into your everyday! You can join the challenge here.

Do you have a favourite Fall drink we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to hear it in the comments below!

And if you’re looking for more healthy cozy drink inspiration, you can find a ton on the blog:

Enjoy and Happy Fall, friends!

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