I bought the shampoo and conditioner set at the Yoga show this year and have noticed a huge difference in my hair in only 2 washes. My hair got great volume and didn’t get greasy right away like it does with a typical shampoo. I work out daily and find that tossing some arrowroot powder or cornstarch into my roots is enough to make it look like i just washed it when I use these products. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a natural shampoo that is lightweight on the hair and loves the smell of lavender.


As a father of two small kids and a natural health professional myself, the level of care and thoughtfulness that Joy has put into these formulations, is obvious. From her use of organic ingredients, to explanations as to why she has chosen to use them, I wish more companies had these incredible core values instilled within them, as they empower consumers to make better health conscious buying decisions. Nice work!

tracey H.

I just purchased my third bottle of this shampoo. It took me a bit to work out how much to use but once you do you will love this product.
This shampoo has a wonderful lather and the scent will invigorate you!!
I have baby fine hair and this has increased my volume.

Carolyn C.

Really enjoy my shampoo and conditioner I just bought. I did notice a difference in my hair after a few washes and I love the scent very relaxing!


I’ve been using ‘natural’ shampoos for a while now but nothing compares to this! It smells lovely and actually leaves your hair feeling clean!


I’m a physician and wanted to use only natural organic products. The quality is amazing and trust me I’ve used every expensive brand on the market!! Keep up the good work:)


I’ve been on the hunt for a more natural shampoo/conditioner (and all products in general, actually). A love this shampoo


LOVE this shampoo (and the conditioner)! I’ve seen a significant improvement with the health of my hair since I started using it just over a month ago. I also don’t need to wash my hair as frequently.


Loved the shampoo and conditioner. Leaves hair squeaky clean.

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