This maple tamari tempeh recipe is so easy, so versatile and has been waiting a loooooong time to land itself on my blog because I make it without using a recipe and like many things I make, I just don’t get around to posting everything.

Tempeh is one of those funny ingredients that I pretty much never follow a recipe unless of course, I’m making Meghan Telpner’s oh-so-yummy tempeh from her Undiet cookbook or my cousin Amy’s Tempeh Chili from my first cookbook Joyous Health.

It’s really not the prettiest food though as you can see. But I love just taking a package of tempeh, blitzing it in my food processor for 10 seconds and making a bolognese with it when I don’t feel like using ground chicken or beef and want something a little lighter. However, you could take this Tuscan Bolognese and use tempeh instead because it’s an excellent source of plant-based protein. 

Tempeh is also amazing instead of bacon for a BLT ! You can find it at your local health food store or in the natural food section of your regular grocery store. It’s always refrigerated.

Back to this recipe! These Maple Tamari Tempeh Strips are incredibly versatile! You can add them to sandwiches, put in a wrap, in a stir-fry, in your buddha bowl, at breakfast instead of bacon (just bake them long enough so they get nice and crispy). There are many ways to enjoy the deliciousness that is tempeh.

Nutritional benefits of tempeh

It is a probiotic food. Tempeh is made from fermented soybeans. The fermentation brings this food to life and can help increase the friendly microbes in your gut which support your microbiome’s overall health which is absolutely essential for a healthy body and mind. 

One of the best sources of plant-based protein. In fact, there are 19g of protein in 100g of tempeh (about a serving) – that’s a plant-based heavyweight! And even better because it’s fermented making it far superior to tofu (which I never eat — I’m very sensitive to it but will save that for another day) because it’s highly digestible as some of the proteins are converted into amino acids for you. 

Promotes strong bones. Tempeh is an amazing source of calcium – a non-dairy source, hurray! This important mineral is essential for bone health as it helps to maintain bone density and keep bones strong preventing bone fractures. 

There are plenty more benefits to talk about but let’s get to this recipe and save that for another post because if you guys like this one, then maybe I should get around to posting my Ginger Tamari Veggie Stir Fry?!

One final important point…

Please make sure you buy certified organic tempeh.

The large majority of soy grown in North America is genetically modified if it’s not organic. This means it is sprayed with a herbicide called Round-Up which is damaging to our environment and puts you a tgreater exposure to glyphosate, which you definitely want to avoid. I really like the Henry’s brand and that’s the one I’ve been buying for nearly a decade from my health food store. It is also gluten-free. 

The process to make this Maple Tamari is very simple. Just cut it into thin strips, whip up the marinade and let us sit and absorb the delicious flavours for as long as you are patient 🙂 

Tempeh absorbs the moisture and gets larger in size so even though it may seem like it might not serve many, this recipe could serve 4 people, of course you’d want to eat something else alongside your Maple Tamari Tempeh. 

Here is my recipe for Maple Tamari Tempeh

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There are many delicious ways to enjoy this maple tamari tempeh — on a sandwich , in a veggie stir-fry or in a salad, like the Juicy & Crunchy Kale Salad. 

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