This Juicy Veggie Pasta Salad is packed with good quality and super tasty ingredients. I love the combination of fresh tomatoes together with sundried tomatoes . Right now, fresh tomatoes are at their best so take advantage of this seasonal gift from mother nature! I like to buy a mix of orange, yellow and red tomatoes from the farmers’ market for the freshest possible ingredients.

When buying sundried tomatoes, look for “sulphite-free.” This is the best way to avoid unnecessary food additives. You’ll notice sulphite-free sundried tomatoes are typically a little darker in colour because they don’t have a preservative to prevent the colour from turning – don’t fret, they taste just as yummy. If they’re certified organic, there won’t be any sulphites added.

When buying, I also look for oil-packed sundried tomatoes because they’re already nice and soft. Side note, if you don’t buy oil-packed, they’re VERY easy to rehydrate. Simply place them in some warm water for about 10 minutes – voila! – nice soft easy-to-chop sundried tomatoes. In fact, pretty much every time we visit Austria, if we fly back via Venice, Italy, I’ll buy a big bag of sundried tomatoes from the airport so I can enjoy them for months. I love making this s undried tomato sunflower spread for Chickpea bread with those tomatoes.

One of the other reasons this salad is so darn tasty is because I used a lot of herbs. I highly recommend using fresh herbs like basil or parsley – or whatever you can get your hands on! My father-in-law’s garden is bursting with fresh herbs right now so I’ve been adding them to pretty much everything I make.

In case you didn’t know, I’m in Austria right now, which is another reason I love this pasta salad because it’s so easy to make. When we travel here, we don’t cook as much as we do when we are home so I’m relying on easy-peasy recipes like this one. Less time in the kitchen means more time for hiking and swimming the lake, which we’ve been doing every day!

I called this recipe “Juicy” Veggie Pasta Salad because the fresh tomatoes combined with the dressing makes it mouth-watering good – which screams juicy to me! Speaking of juicy recipes, if you’re looking for another juicy salad recipe be sure to try my Juicy & Crunchy Kale Salad . It’s my go-to when I’m at home in Toronto – Walker and Vienna both love it too. Vienna will only eat kale if it’s chopped up really, really well.

Whenever I travel I find out where the nearest health food store is and I pick up a bunch of ingredients. That’s how I found some gluten-free pasta. I’m not against glutenous pasta – it’s damn tasty, too – but when I’m cooking for my family I often choose gluten-free because it’s just easier on my digestion. You could also use Chickapea pasta because it’s rich in protein and fibre, too.

Here’s my recipe for my Juicy Veggie Pasta Salad.

Mains & Sides
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This recipe serves 4.

I used a gluten-free penne which was a blend of different gf flours.

If you love pasta as much as my family does, here are a few more pasta recipes you’ll enjoy!

I make pesto pasta ALL THE TIME, it’s Vienna’s absolute favourite. I use this Lemon Basil Pesto . Her favourite pasta bowl will be featured in my new cookbook, The Joyous Cookbook (Dec 2019).

I hope you love this recipe! Happy Summer!

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