Do you have to be a holistic nutritionist or have specific credentials to take this course?

There are no pre-requisites for this course. The program is geared towards wellness entrepreneurs so whether you’re a nutritionist, dietician, chiropractor, life coach, RMT, ND you’ll benefit from this program.

Do I need a Facebook account to access the course modules?

A Facebook account isn’t required to access the modules and course content, however the weekly live streams and community group will live on Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook account, we encourage you to set up one for free so you can access the content. You can always use a different name if you’re not comfortable sharing your personal information on Facebook.

Is this program only beneficial for people who have not yet completed their education, or could it be helpful for those who want to have a health/wellness business in the future?

Yes, 100%! In fact, it’s a great idea to learn this information before graduating so you have all the tools to hit the ground running once you graduate.

I’m not in the wellness industry, but am still interested in taking the course – is JHB still right for me?

Yes! While the course is geared towards wellness entrepreneurs, the lessons and strategies you’ll learn can act as the foundation for businesses in many industries.

Will you be running this course again?

Yes, the Joyous Health Business program will be offered once per year, in the fall. The next session starts October 8, 2018, and the subsequent session will start Fall 2019.

How long will I have access to the program content for?

You will have on-going access to the program content (videos / downloads / workbooks), as well as on-going access to the Community Facebook Group where you can continue to participate in future live calls and discussions.

Will this help me build my business?

Absolutely! Read our testimonials and see for yourself… but you have to put in the work ;).

Can I write this off as a business expense?

In most cases you can write off the cost of this program as education and training. Once enrolled, you can contact us for an official sales receipt for your records.

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