Finishing a basement may seem like a detailed and complicated task, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Most of the work will involve flooring, insulation, finishing the ceiling and walls and dealing with electrical and water lines. We’ll discuss the best ways to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to finishing a basement. Of course, everybody has different tastes, so this is basically a general guideline.

If you are finishing a basement with the intention to one day sell it and get most of your money back, you should engage with a veteran real estate agent who can help you decide which renovations will provide the best ROI for your money.  Our senior real estate agent in Toronto, Ontario guided us on how to maximize our budget and still have a really useful, beautiful basement for our family.


basement lighting
It’s difficult to utilize natural light in a basement so you’ll need to get the most out of your lighting as possible. There’s no need to install lighting in areas where it won’t be used and there’s also no need to overdo it with costly lighting options that won’t be used. Take the time to look for the most economical lighting possible when it comes to electricity-usage costs.


Basement sink
Unless you plan on installing a bar in the basement, you will probably find you don’t need a sink in the room. As long as there’s a washroom close by you should be fine without a sink and this will save on plumbing costs.

Extra Bedroom

basement bedroom
If you don’t plan on having many stay-over guests you likely won’t find the need for an additional bedroom downstairs. Instead, you could install a pull-out couch in case you need the area for an occasional sleeping space.  If you will be creating sleeping quarters, be sure it meets local zoning laws.  You will also want to engage with a basement waterproofing company to make sure there are no water leaks or a basement lowering company if you need to increase the height of your basement before finishing it.

Open Space

Basement Family Room
A finished basement that has an open space will be less expensive than multiple rooms. This will allow you to cut down on the cost of drywall, studs and doors that are needed for separate rooms.


Basement Tiling
When looking for tiling for the bathroom or bar, you should take the time to look for less-expensive options. You’ll often be able to find tiles for half price which look just as good as more-expensive tiling.

Standard Sizing

Basement Bar
Instead of customizing your bar or bathroom it’s a good idea to go with standard sizes when it comes to countertops and cabinets etc.

Don’t Finish all the Space

Partially finished basement
Just because you have a huge basement it doesn’t mean you have to finish the entire area. If you only finish the areas you plan on using you’ll save time and money.


Basement flooring options
Saving money on flooring can be achieved if you consider options such as carpeting and linoleum tile. If you really want to save you can consider painting the concrete floor and then placing a rug or two over it.


Basement walls finished
In most cases, basement walls are pretty well insulated already as the masonry walls surrounding the area can be up to eight inches in thickness. Wooden frames can be built for the walls and drywall can be used.

Align Electrical Wires and Water Pipes

Exposed basement
If the pipes and electrical wires are properly aligned you can also save money. The wiring and piping are often situated between the ceiling joists.

Washroom Location

basement bathroom
If you plan on installing a washroom downstairs you should install it below an existing upstairs washroom so new water pipes won’t need to be installed. This enables you to forgo new piping as an additional branch of pipe can be added to the existing washroom.

Dropped Ceiling

basement drop ceiling
A dropped ceiling and acoustical tiles will allow you easier access to the basement wiring etc.

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