I started drinking oat milk more regularly on our summer trip to Austria in 2018. To my complete surprise a restaurant that we love for breakfast and lunch was serving oat milk cappuccinos and being in Europe, I just HAD to have a cappuccino. My preference is definitely a tea latte though ( I am little sensitive to caffiene ). 

The thing I love about oat milk is that it has a very neutral taste because as much as I love nut milks, they are just not my favourite when it comes to most warm drinks. Almond milk, as you likely know, has a very distinct taste and the almond can take over. And as you likely know, I don’t drink cow’s milk nor do we give it to Vienna , our 4-year old. 

Oat milk is the most neutral tasting of all the non-dairy milks out there and that’s why I love it!

It also foams up pretty nicely if you buy a “barista blend” from the health food store. However, there is likely to be a few additives if it’s able to sit on a store shelf for months on end. When I’m buying oat milk, I usually by Earth’s Own Organic oat milk and it’s refrigerated so there are fewer additives. However, that’s not why you’re here! 

Making oat milk is very, very easy and making chocolate oat milk is just as easy, plus one more ingredient — raw cacao.

Before we get to this creamy, delicious lovely milk let’s talk about some of the health benefits of oat milk. 

Jar of oats

There are a couple of different combinations you can make. I like adding some dates and vanilla in my recipe because it gives it a little sweetness.

And you must make oat chocolate milk! Here’s the recipe and I will outline all the steps below with photos. 

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The nice thing unlike making almond milk from scratch , is that you don’t need to soak the oats before blending them up.

Place all your ingredients into a high power blender and give it a whirl!! 

You can easily adjust the amount of water by increasing or decreasing. More water will make a thinner consistency and less water will make a creamier oat milk.

Then you pour it through a wire mesh strainer or a nut bag. I found that my nut bag was too fine to strain the oat milk so I ended up using a mesh produce bag and it worked perfectly! If you’re using a wire mesh strainer, you’ll have to press down the oat pulp with your hands or a spoon to strain it through. 

Then squeeze the bag to strain all the milk out and you’re left with the oat pulp.

And there you have it, delicious, creamy, wonderful oat milk you made yourself!

The possibilities are endless! Enjoy in a smoothie or make a tea latte!

Let me know if you have any questions and happy oat milk making!

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