I was looking for a solution to hang towels in my bathroom. A bathroom towel bar can be quite expensive and usually, not as long as I wanted it to be. I also wanted to avoid drilling between two wall tiles. My is long but narrow. It’s tricky to take good photos, but you get the picture.

IKEA items used:
  • 1 RÄCKA Curtain rod, 210 – 385 cm (5€)
  • 2 RÄCKA Curtain rod holders (2€ each)
  • 1 BETYDLIG wall support (2€)
Other materials and tools:
  • Screws

Hack instructions for super long bathroom towel bar:

So the idea I came up with was to make an extra long bathroom towel bar out of an IKEA rod. I fixed it with two curtain holders/ stoppers on each side of my bathroom. The entire towel bar measures 230 cm (approx. 7.5 feet)

To prevent the rod from bending, I fixed a wall bracket in the middle.

It nicely blends with the bathroom’s style and it’s very functional.

I can hang two towels, clothes, swimming suit, etc. Moreover, half of the bar is conveniently located above the heating system.

Total cost: 11€. 😉

~ by Claire

#1 A stowaway towel drying rack

J-P made a clothes/ towel dryer from one TSUJIG shoe rack and two GRUNDTAL rails. It’s easy to open and store even when loaded. See the hack.

#2 From pot lid holder to towel rack

Ifelse bought a “Variera” pot lid organizer, extended it to the max and attached it to the heater wires with plastic cable ties. That required no drilling and absolutely nothing else. It’s now holding up the bathroom towels. See more.

#3 Easy peasy bathroom shelf and towel rack

Nathan has this great idea of using IKEA coat hooks as supports for a bathroom towel rack. Sadly, I can no longer find these smart looking coat hooks on IKEA’s site. But you could probably do the same with an IKEA shelf like the EKBY HEMNES with the EKBY VALTER bracket. Screw in a dowel rod to work as the towel bar. See the hack.

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