I collect vinyl records and I use the IKEA KALLAX as a vinyl record storage cabinet. They are inexpensive, look and work great but they have a limitation.

I like the way record stores display their records on top, covers facing forward, so you can quickly flip through the records and find what you are looking for.


I decided I would try to make my own …

… it takes a bit of time but I think it worked out pretty well.

You will need a 2×2 KALLAX storage shelf and a KALLAX drawer kit. You will also need some extra parts for the front and back of the upper storage bin.

Most IKEAs have an “as is” area. I scored some extra pieces there. If not, look at the LACK shelving, which comes in similar colours. IKEA also has extra hardware in bins near the Customer Service area. Score some extra screws as well.

The tough part of this hack is making accurate cuts. So you should have some reasonable shop skills and access to a table or chop saw and a drill.


Let’s move on to the vinyl record storage cabinet, IKEA hack edition.

IKEA items:
  • KALLAX 2×2 shelf
  • KALLAX Drawer Insert
  • Straight Edge (Carpenter’s Square might be OK)
  • Box Cutter with Sharp Blade
  • Countersink Bit
  • Chop Saw or Table Saw
  • Nice to have – Sandpaper

How to hack a front-facing IKEA vinyl record storage cabinet

Step 1. Partially Assemble KALLAX Shelf

Start by assembling 2 Sides and Bottom along with long horizontal divider and short vertical divider.

Step 2. Modification of the Drawer Insert

The KALLAX drawer insert must be cut in half as accurately as possible to provide 2 identical drawer inserts. An inaccurate job will cause assembly issues later.

Use a tape measure, a carpenter’s square or good straight edge and sharp box cutter. Measure twice, cut once.

Step 3. Temporarily Install the Modified Drawers and the Top

3.5 After completing all steps, disassemble the shelf.

Step 4. Drill 2 New Holes in Each Side Panel
Step 5. Final Assembly

5.1 Re-Assemble and install the drawers. Check for alignment and adjust as needed. Use the short screws provided with the Drawer Kit to fasten the inserts in place.

Download the printable vinyl record storage cabinet instructions PDF here.

~ by Jim Larocque

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