Does organizing your home seem a tough job for you? Relax because you don’t need to organize your home all at once.

In organizing your house, little things count. What does it mean? It’s simple: do your home organizing tasks little at a time. For example, you can arrange your clothes in your bedroom before you leave for work. While waiting for your favorite TV show, take the time to arrange the newspapers on the table.

See? You can start organizing your home by doing simple things.  You can do organizing tasks within minutes or hours, depending on the task you would do.  And here’s a tip from a great real estate agent in Vaughan, having your home professionally organized can help sell your home faster and for more money with minimal expense.

I know some of you will want to hire someone for help while others will do it themselves.  I have a friend who is a home organizer in Toronto and is fantastic if you want to save some time and get it done right. You can also watch KomMari and get great tips. But if you want to organize your home successfully, follow these simple but effective tips:

Take Away the Shoes

You’re annoyed seeing these and even your visitors too! Shoes on the entryway or in the laundry room make the house untidy. You would often hear your mother say,” take your shoes away from the door.” Well, that’s enough to arrange your shoes in the right place.

(Remember: leave a pair of shoes on your room or arrange them properly in a shoe rack.)

Put a Clutter Collection System

Let’s face it – there are areas in your home that accumulate trash or mess every day. The living room is a good candidate because people in the house use it often. Your siblings and other family members might leave their jackets or shirts on the sofa when they hurry for dinner.

Yes, you know the obvious thing that’s going to happen – they forget to take their clothes. (Don’t get pissed off and keep calm.) Here’s the solution – put a basket in the living room where you can keep the clothes so that there isn’t any mess in the room.

Store Your Collection

Does your mother have a candle collection or board games sitting around the corner? Don’t let these items be lost or damaged due to improper keeping. Take time to organize the items. You can use a dedicated shelf or container to put the items.

Take note: find a safe place for delicate items such as cups and saucers because these can be broken. Store these on cabinet or shelf that children couldn’t open.

Keep the Remotes Together

I know you might experience seeing dozens of remotes scattered in the living room. (Yes, the living room is messy, and you need to do something.) Spend time (a few minutes will do) in gathering the remotes together and place these on a bin, box or tray. In this way, you wouldn’t suffer seeing bunch of remotes while entertaining guests.

Keep in mind: Inform your family members that you put the remotes in a box or bin. Remind them to keep the remote in that storage once they’re finished watching TV.

Home organizing isn’t a tough task once you take it seriously. Give time each day to organize little things inside the house. Don’t wait for the weekend to organize the stuff you can do in a few minutes. You would be surprised that you wouldn’t organize the whole house on the weekends.

So, come now, organize your home today!

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