I get this very often in my submissions inbox – requests for help to identify and name IKEA pieces. I would like to help but it’s hard to know (and remember) every name on IKEA’s ever expanding catalog. Hundreds and thousands of products have gone through its stores over the years. But all our heads together is better than mine alone, with its very limited RAM. And this could be fun — kinda like an IKEA name game. With no prizes, except the self-satisfaction of knowing you can ace those Swedish names. Let’s do this!

#1 Mel’s mystery bed

Are you able to identify the name of this bed frame? Mel searched and can’t find it online and need the name to find assembly instructions. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

I think this is a DALSELV bed

Yes, I’m positive it’s a DALSELV. Assembly instructions here.

#2 Elise’s pre-PAX wardrobe

Elise bought a condo in Washington, DC that has what looks like a predecessor to the PAX system. The hinged doors are 23.5″ wide and 76.5″ tall.

  • Does anyone know what this system was called?
  • Where could I find doors with these dimensions? Ideally she’d like mirrored doors.

Thank you for any thoughts you have!

No idea about this one. Anyone else?

#3 Rachel’s mystery cabinets

She has a hacking plan but need to find out what the existing IKEA units are called…. Please help. It’s driving her nuts!!

At first, I thought it was a ROBIN, with similar white and birch frame. But on further inspection, this is likely a MAGIKER. Found a similar cabinet with glass doors here.

#4 Maria’s green sofa

Maria would love to buy a new slipcover for her sofa but can’t find this model in IKEA.

Anyone knows its name?

Quite close to an EKTORP but it isn’t. Stumped on this one. 

#5 Kati’s black and white wardrobe

Kati is trying to get a replacement door for this wardrobe. But she don’t hold out much hope as it was discontinued a couple of years ago. Without the wardrobe name, she can’t even start to search for it. Can anyone help with the name of it please?

No idea about this wardrobe either.

#6 Tilo’s cabinet ID crisis

He found these at his new place but no idea what they are called. He tried eBay, Google (including picture search) but turned up zero. Can anyone please help him identify them?

My guess is the discontinued range of IKEA office furniture, EFFEKTIV. Link to EFFEKTIV buying guide

What about you?

And your answers to the IKEA name game are:

#1 Mel’s mystery bed: ________________________
#2 Elise’s pre-PAX wardrobe: ________________________
#3 Rachel’s mystery cabinets: ________________________
#4 Maria’s green sofa: ________________________
#5 Kati’s black and white wardrobe: ________________________
#6 Tilo’s cabinet ID crisis: ________________________

Thanks for playing the IKEA name game, folks!

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