I’m looking for a rental-friendly way (the fewer holes I have to make the better) to create a room divider in a studio apartment. And it needs to be on a budget.

The aim is to separate my sleeping area from the “living room” space. Problem is, I only have one massive window on one end of the room, so I’d rather not fully block the light. (Hence, no using bookcases or wardrobes like this one).

I’ll like to create something resembling this wood slat room divider, but without the credenza.

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I want to use the ELVARLI posts, three of them, to give the project an anchor. That way the bed slats won’t wobble all the time.

However I’ve very high ceilings at 3.2m. My idea was to take the standard IKEA bed slats, 2m long, and then use rope and hook screws to hold the actual weight of the bed slats from the ceiling.

As the whole thing will be between the sofa and my bed, the idea of it tumbling down panics me. I just wanted to double check its integrity and ask if someone has maybe experience doing something similar and could guide me.

Thanks in advance.

~ by Iweryd


Hi Iweryd

That’s a lovely wood slat room divider and I can see why you’ll want something similar for your situation. 

Using the IKEA bed slats like LURÖY is possible. But I do want to add that the IKEA bed slats have a bit of a curve (for the spring back effect), so it won’t hang as neatly as the inspiration photo. The slats are also connected with a ribbon and merely stapled onto the slats. I would think the ribbons (and staples) are the weak point. 



I think it’s a great idea to use the ELVARLI posts to stabilize the bed slats. They could probably be used to take some of the weight as well.

Your plan of using hooks and ropes to hang them up is doable. But it’s hard to comment on whether it will hold up, as it will depend a lot on the ceiling you have, the fixtures you use and how well you fix them. If you are unsure, I would recommend getting a professional/ expert to help you hang them up.

Perhaps another reader has experience hanging them up as a wood slat room divider? Do share.



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