Dear ones,

Happy New Year! I hope that this next cycle brings you much abundance, depth, goodness and joy. I have been in a hibernation of sorts, approaching the two year threshold as a mother and grappling with the delicate balance between surrendering as fully as possible into this blessed role, and finding the time and energy to manifest the new visions for work, women’s circling and gathering that it has opened the doorway to. The main lesson has been one of patience, and integration, learning to rush less, trust more and allow things to unfold in their own beautiful way. Perhaps I do not write, share or post as often as I did, or create recipes as I used to, and yes these last years have been some of immeasurable growth and change, but what can we do except run with it? Clinging on to the old way of doing things will only lead to creative frustration and a nagging sense of misalignment and a constant self-inflicted voice of “should”, which it’s taken me many years and retreats to finally start getting go of.

And so, in perfect timing, I am beyond excited to introduce a new series of workshops that have been tapping, dancing and whispering on my shoulder for the last few months: Dream Weaving – a series of workshops designed to bring women together in a safe, sacred space from which to dream in the new season, root ourselves in its vital energies and come together as sisters in a loving and gentle way.

Dream Weaving Spring Self-Love Workshop

For the opening workshop, I am collaborating with The Mandrake hotel with a special self-love themed circle for the arrival of Spring, on Saturday March 2. A unique invitation to tune into our own infinite source of self-care, acceptance, joy, creativity and pleasure, this intimate circle welcomes Spring – the season of rebirth and renewal – inviting women to nurture themselves deeply from within, in a sacred space of friendship and togetherness.

As we tune into our bodies, reconnect to our unique inner beauty and open our intuitive creative channels, we will co-create a beautiful seasonal Earth Altar together: a collective prayer woven together to honour the wheel of the year and mama earth. Aided by plant allies, we will spend a day in gentle feminine ceremony.

Over the course of the workshop you will:

– be held in safe, nurturing feminine friendship
– share nourishing rituals that reconnect you to your powerful feminine essence
– leave the busy mind behind and tune deeply into your body, your senses and your wombspace
– co-create a beautiful seasonal altar, weaving your own prayer for the season ahead
– be heard and witnessed as a woman and sensitive, wise being
– step into a space of joy, celebration and love
– receive your own sacred gift to take home and delicious medicinal plant ally treats

Spaces are very limited: click here to book yours.

With so much love and thank you for supporting me in this journey

Xochi x

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