I recently did a segment on Cityline all about collagen and I had so many people message me about this recipe, so I knew I had to get it up on the blog right away. I’ve made it multiple times since I first tried Genuine Health’s collagen. I’ve been using their collagen on the regular. Especially in my Matcha Lattes!

For the mamas out there, I already know what you’re thinking! Can you give these cute little snowballs to your child? Well, I do! My daughter Vienna is 3 years old. But there is a catch. The amount that Vienna gets eating one ball is fairly minimal because I used two scoops of collagen in the whole entire batch. The full serving of collagen is meant for adults 18+. But if you are a grown up and you really want to get the full benefits for yourself, then taking it daily is recommended. 😉

And yes, these balls can be made without collagen. Just add 4 tablespoons more of almond flour or any flour of your choice in place of the two scoops of collagen.

Collagen is an incredibly effective protein for beauty, specifically skin hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and making your skin look more plump and fresh. If you want to learn more of the health benefits of taking collagen, you can find out in this post here or you can watch my segment on Cityline I linked above. 

I’m not gonna lie, these snowballs are kind of addicitve but they are a great little powersnack! These are a great choice especially if you’ve committed to making 2019 your healthiest year yet and you’re ditching refined sugar (and all the hidden sources) from your grocery cart. I really love them with the Rise and Shine latte or as a dessert after dinner. They are sooooo yummy!

The coconut flakes and almond flour provide good fat, moderate plant-based protein, vitamin E, magnesium and tons of fibre. If you want to make these nut-free, you could swap any flour instead of almond flour. 

These snowballs are naturally gluten-free and super tasty little balls! They taste like coconut macaroons. 

They are paleo-friendly (if you use cacao nibs), and made with 100% whole food ingredients.

Here’s my recipe adapted from Genuine Health’s original recipe for Collagen Chocolate Chip Snowballs. 


*I used Genuine Health’s Clean Marine Collagen (unflavoured / unsweetened)

Makes 14 balls.

You know what else I love about this recipe? Just how easy it is! You don’t need any equipment. You need a bowl and you don’t even need to turn on your oven. All you have to do is melt some coconut oil and then just combine everything in a bowl. They are best served chilled so I would recommend refrigerating before serving for a couple of hours. 

I hope you love these Collagen Chocolate Chip Snowballs as much as my family does! And if you didn’t get a chance yet, make sure you check out my latest video blog post on How to Grocery Shop Like a Nutritionist.

Happy New Year friends!

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