The USB charging station organizer originally came with plastic separators to hold each device. But they were flimsy and broke off. Furthermore, the gap spacing was too narrow to fit my devices.

I was also looking for a headphone stand, so this charging station organizer hack killed two birds with one stone.

It took me about 30 minutes to get it done. And my new charging station organizer costs me $AUD9.99.

IKEA items used:
  • IMMELN shower basket

IMMELN shower caddy |

Other materials and tools:
  • Hacksaw and file
  • Dremel (optional)
  • Electrical USB charger base-station

Instructions for USB charging station organizer:

1. Cut off basket arms with hacksaw.

2. File rough edges on basket where arms were attached. (Optional, use a grinding wheel on a Dremel to do this step more quickly).

3. Use hot-glue gun to stick the holder onto the charger base.

As a bonus, one can stick the 2 suction cups, which come in the IMMELN packet, to the wall and use as stands for rechargable wireless headphones, as shown in photo.

I like that it’s tough and shiny stainless steel, which I think will last a long while.

The hardest part of this hack was filing the surface to remove the sharp edges.

It took some work but it worked out great.

~ by Yingwee

#1 Wireless charging station in BESTÅ bench

The finished result looks great, a wireless charger which sits seamlessly in my unit underneath my wall-mounted TV. The MORIK also has an in built USB port underneath it which is still accessible from within the BESTÅ unit – I complimented this with a GLIS box full of USB cables for charging devices that currently don’t have wireless charging. See more of the wireless charging station.

#2 LACK table with built-in USB charger

Our extended family has grown quite a bit over the years to include Cousin iPad, Auntie iPhone, Grannie Kindle, and that crazy Uncle Android. It’s a full house, and they’re hanging out on the kitchen counter, in the home office, and especially in the living room. Our wall plugs are always at their limit, jammed up with our smart “relatives”. We want more space for ourselves yet don’t want to be without our beloved family of devices. See more of the built-in LACK coffee table USB charging station.

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