Nestled away in Berthier-sur-Mer, Quebec in the midst of the Appalachian mountains, Boucher Guitars has become one of the most well-respected manufacturers of acoustic guitars in the world. Their location is perfect for utilizing Adirondack red spruce wood for their soundboards, making their guitars quite unique in appearance and sound.

The company was launched in 2005 and is now headed by Robin Boucher after he learned the art of building guitars from his cousin Claude. However, it was Claude’s father Norman who got the ball rolling as he began building dreadnought guitars in his home province as far back as 1968. He christened his business as Norman Guitars Inc with inspiration coming from the X bracing patterns used by the famous C.F. Martin company.

Norman Guitars was the first Canadian acoustic guitar maker and Norman eventually put the company to bed in 1988 when he sold the trademark. The tradition lived on though when Claude continued to build guitars and Robin came aboard. Boucher Guitars is now renowned across the globe for their high-quality acoustic models which are made of some of the finest and exotic woods on the planet such as American walnut, Canadian Maple, Brazilian Mahogany, African Bubinga and East Indian Rosewood.

An endless amount of loving care, experience and craftsmanship is poured into each guitar and it’s quite evident when the finished product is revealed. The guitars produce an exceptional tone and offer maximum playability and performance. These qualities have caught the ear and eye of some of the world’s top acoustic guitar players and many of them rely on Boucher models to express their musicianship, empotions and songwriting skills to their fans.

Some of the most well-known artists and groups to strum Boucher Guitars include Joni Mitchell, Bruce Cockburn, Jeff Nauss, Richard Bennett, JP Cormier, Bill Elliott, Rob Abernethy, Jesse Siebenberg, Buddy Robertson, Patrick Norman, Milow, Grayson Riddle, The Salt and Light Band, The Elovaters, and Flatt Lonesome.  And great Canadian music store like The Arts Music Store proudly sell Boucher Guitars across Canada.

Each guitar reflects the passion and dedication that went into it and this is what produces the instrument’s superb projection, richness and balance. The soundboards are second to none and can often be found in the guitars of some of the world’s other famous brands. Boucher is well known for their innovation and creativity when it comes to acoustic guitars and the company appears to be on an endless quest to keep refining its art.

There are several highly-impressive models and series of acoustic guitars available from Boucher including their incomparable 12-String, Signature, Heritage Goose, Bluegrass Goose, and Studio Goose series. Each model is made available for both left and right-handed guitarists and comes in an attractive, sturdy hardshell case. Boucher Guitars also welcomes custom orders as you can have your guitar built to meet your specific musical needs.

Boucher Guitars continues to provide musicians across the world with exceptional acoustic guitars and there’s no sign of them slowing down. In fact, the best may still be yet to come.

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