We often host weekend brunches as a way to see our family and friends. I love entertaining and cooking for others! We typically make something with eggs, so if it’s not this absolutely scrumptious frittata, it’s this frittata or a shakshuka (the latter is a recipe in my third cookbook coming out later this year!). And that’s not a typo, I meant to say frittata twice 😉 I love frittata recipes!

I find that eggs are always a crowd pleaser and it ensures everyone is full because they are packed with protein and good fat.

As you might have read recently on social media, I’m a salad gal at breakfast which is why you see my frittata accompanied by a ton of colourful veggies! I know that might sound weird, but don’t knock it till you try it! You’ll be happy to know, this can be an easy weeknight dinner recipe too. 

For this delicious frittata, I served it with salad, avocado and a sourdough baguette.

I often serve an eggy brunch alongside these delicious Cranbery Walnut Breakfast Muffins. If you haven’t tried them yet, you must! They are a perfect muffin to pair with this breakfast.

I’ve talked about the health benefits of eggs (like immunity boosting ) before so I will skip it this time and instead tell you how much goodness is packed into this frittata – and when I say packed, I really mean it!

When you’re adding the ingredients, it’s going to seem as though you’ve got more ingredients than eggs. While this may be true, once it bakes, the eggs will rise and you’ll have a meaty, thick, flavour-packed, filling frittata. The combo of the soft roasted sweet potato with the salty dense texture of the feta is pure magic!

If you’re not serving a bunch of people, this frittata will keep for a few days so you can refrigerate it and easily reheat it for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner. I recommend baking it at 350 degrees F (180C) for 10 minutes.

When adding onions to your frittata, it’s a critical step to saute them first so they get a little caramelized (almost a touch burnt). Even though you can technically skip this step, because the onion will cook as the frittata cooks, you won’t want to – trust me! They become gloriously sweet and so much more flavourful when you cook them prior to adding them to the frittata mixture.

I almost always roast the sweet potato ahead of time, like the day before, so that step is already done when I’m ready to make it. It usually takes about 30 minutes to cook in total so it’s super easy to pop it in the oven when our guests arrive.

Even though Vienna actually hates eggs, for some strange reason she will eat this frittata – but scrambled, poached, hard-boiled, fried – forget it! I think it’s likely because it’s packed with foods she loves like broccoli and sweet potato

This is not your traditional frittata where you put everything into an oven safe cast iron skillet and then place it in the oven. The eggs don’t go in until you’re ready to put everything into the baking dish. I always do my frittatas this way, not the traditional way.

Without further ado, here’s my delicious recipe for Broccoli Sweet Potato Feta Frittata! It is gluten-free (by default) and free of cow-derived dairy since I used goat-based feta which is typically easier to digest.

Whether you’re making it for a weeknight dinner or brunch with friends, I am confident you’re gonna love it!

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Serves 4-6. I make this all the time when we are entertaining. It feeds 4 adults and 2 kids well. If you’ve got a couple of sides then you may be able to serve 6 adults.
*I used frozen broccoli that I poured hot water over top to quickly thaw so they were very lightly cooked from the hot water.

As I’m writing up this post I am munching on leftovers with a salad (obvi). I know, I know, not mindfully eating but I am so excited for you to try this one out! 

Joy xo

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