I may have broken free from my pancake monster days because … I finally got myself a waffle maker!!! Can you tell how excited I am about this?! I almost feel as joyous as the day I received a Vitamix for a gift. 

Walker and I often joke that I cannot get another small kitchen appliance until we have a bigger kitchen (note: we currently have a very small kitchen) but this waffle maker was definitely an exception, for good reason though! I really wanted to have a waffle recipe in my third cookbook, The Joyous Cookbook (stay tuned for a post about that soon) so I would say that’s a good enough reason to finally invest in one!

I’ve been looking for one for a while and all the waffle makers I’ve been eyeing at discount stores for the last few years are always so rickety, but this one is not! We ordered this waffle maker from amazon for 50% off!

Okay, enough about the waffle maker, let’s talk about these Beet Strawberry Waffles, which are:

  • Gut healthy
  • Delicious 
  • Gluten-free
  • Fiber-rich
  • Vegetarian
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I was inspired to make these waffles with beets because I’ve been working on a lot of beet recipes this week for my third cookbook, The Joyous Cookbook, so I was feeling inspired to create these waffles! Beets and strawberries, as you might already know if you’re a regular reader, are a wonderful pairing, truly a flavour match made in heaven!

For example, have you tried?

If you’re using a square waffle pan, this recipe makes 9 square waffles. They take a little longer than your average waffle batter to cook because they are more dense with the beets and strawberries. I cooked them on medium-high heat for 4 to 5 minutes. If you open the waffle lid and it pulls apart then it hasn’t cooked long enough.

You might be wondering why I added Genuine Health’s fermented organic gut superfoods?

Well, they help feed the good bacteria that live in your large intestine.

I take this superfood supplement daily in some form or another, but mostly in smoothies because it contains fermented prebiotics that are rich in polyphenols.

Eating these waffles are just another delicious way to incorporate the “superfoods”. Even though Vienna loves smoothies, it’s nice for her to get them another way too … and what kid doesn’t love waffles?

In case you’re wondering, most health food stores in Canada and the U.S. sell Genuine Health’s organic fermented gut superfoods. 

Now because the strawberries were not very sweet and I wanted to balance out the beet flavour, I did add 2 tbsp of coconut sugar to the batter, but of course, you don’t have to. It does make them more tasty, but if you’re topping them with maple syrup already, then you may wish to skip that addition.

As for topping these waffles, you’ve got many delicious options! From coconut butter to coconut yogurt , strawberries to pecans and of course, some maple syrup! I also sprinkled some cinnamon because who doesn’t like an extra sprinkle of cinnamon?!

I think you’ll love that you can make the whole batter in a high powdered blender (hint: less mess!)

At last, here’s my recipe for Beet Strawberry Waffles!


Makes 9 square waffles.
*This also works well with the “Summer Berry Pomegranate” flavour gut superfoods.
**You can omit the coconut sugar, but if your strawberries are not sweet the batter may not be as tasty. Stevia is also an option!

If you’ve never cooked beets before, here’s a recipe. Just scroll to the bottom of the recipe card for instructions.

Now in case you’re wondering if these can be made into pancakes, my initial thought would be yes, however, I haven’t made them so I don’t know how easy they will flip. You’ll be happy to know they freeze well: just pop ’em in the toaster the next day to reheat them and top with your fave ingredients. 

The final question is, after having these waffles, are you a pancake monster or a waffle monster? 😉

Have a joyous rest of your day friends!

This post was created in partnership with Genuine Health, however all opinions are always my own. Read more about partnership ethos here.

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