I’m just gonna cut right to the chase — this loaf is dense, delicious, rich and fulfilling – everything you want a protein loaf to be! All you need to do is cut a healthy size chunk and slather your favourite nut butter on it and voila — breakfast or a power snack! 

I chose chunky almond butter to slather on this slice – OH SO GOOD! Almond butter, or peanut butter for that matter, are perfect together with chocolate but you probably already knew that. 

If you’re looking for a soft, moist and light loaf this isn’t it. But my chocolate banana loaf in Little Food Lovers is the next best thing to a soft, moist, banana-y loaf!! 

I packed this loaf with nourishing ingredients, and as you might have guessed from the title I used protein powder from Genuine Health because it’s my go-to. It is fermented and organic — both of best worlds for me and my family.

The fermentation takes care of making the plant-proteins highly digestible so you don’t get bloated and you nourish your microbiome. It’s a win-win! 

And yes that’s a beet right there in that photo above. Beets and chocolate are a really great match believe it not. In fact, in my new cookbook I have a recipe for Beet Quinoa Chocolate Muffins that are to die for!! Don’t worry though, because you do not taste the earthiness of the beets in this loaf because the raw cacao powder masks it nicely.

Beets do provide a lovely and welcome moistness to this dense loaf. And if you don’t have a gluten-free flour blend don’t stress because you can easily make a substitution like half oat flour and half brown rice flour. I do not suggest subbing in almond flour or coconut flour unless you’re a real gluten-free flour baking wizard because they are not a 1 to 1 ratio.

I highly recommend you decorate the top with chocolate chunks because it’s always a nice to surprise to get a bite with one of those chunks, if you’re so lucky!

This BEET Chocolate Protein Loaf is…

Here’s my recipe for this Beet Chocolate Protein Loaf

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This protein loaf will satisfy your belly for hours. It’s dense, rich and delicious!

Remember it tastes great slathered with some nut butter and enjoyed with your favourite smoothie or tea latte like my Maple Spice Latte or my Rise & Shine Latte

I have many recipes on the blog where I have incorporated protein powder into them so feel free to check out more recipes with Genuine Health’s fermented protein. As I type this out I just realized I haven’t done a protein pancake for the blog — I need to make that happen!!

Have a joyous rest of your week!

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