IKEA cutting boards add much needed counter space to my small bathroom for only $18.

My home has a “cozy” taupe-colored guest bathroom with a white pedestal sink in a nook that’s only 39” wide…with no sink counter.

I needed counter space for people to put their stuff AND something to help hide the litter box that’s below the sink. I also wanted something that would not hinder the litter box and allow it to breathe while maintaining its easy access.

Buying a bathroom cabinet was out of the question for this tiny space as it would just make the space feel even smaller. I needed some type of shelving. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money nor did I want to create something that was custom. Whatever was going to live there needed to look like it belonged and blend with the space.

I took minimum and maximum measurements around the sink and then the search was on. I was rewarded when I came across the IKEA APTITLIG bamboo chopping board. They’re beautiful, sturdy, fit the style of the bathroom, finished, easy to clean and only $8 each! But the absolute best part is that they fit perfectly in the space as is.

I grabbed 4 black IKEA EKBY STÖDIS L-brackets, at only $0.50 each, and we were done.

We already had screws, leaving us with a grand total of $18.00 for our lovely new sink counters.

Items needed:

  • IKEA EKBY STÖDIS L-brackets x 4
  • 16 screws
  • 8 anchors
  • Pencil

Instructions for adding counter space to small bathroom:

Take your cutting boards and mark the height on the wall you’re comfortable with. If you have a level, it’d be good to use it to make sure you get it straight.

Each board gets 2 L-Brackets. Drill pilot holes in the bottom of the cutting boards for the brackets. Make sure not to go too far or you’ll break through the boards. Screw them together.

Attach the L-Brackets to the cutting board with screws.

Attach your new counter tops to the wall using anchors and screws.

And just like that, you’ve added counter top space to your small bathroom.

~ by Melissa Toledo

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