We all have old cell phones lying around collecting duct.

Some may be broken or glitchy, others may be perfectly fine but you updated to the newest version and now you have no use for this still perfectly good cell phone.

Many people also don’t know they can sell their phone online for cash.  Or if they do, they assume it is too much of a hassle.  Others might just trade in their old phone to their cell phone carrier which is a terrible idea since they pay much (much) less than your phone is really worth.  Plus you’re giving them to satisfaction of the selling the phone for a second time and ripping people off even more.

Don’t do that!

When it comes to getting cash for your old cell phone, sell it to an independent phone buyback service online.  Some of the most popular are Flipsy and Sellcell.

But there is another independent cell buy back service that not only pays you just as much as the other buy back services but they also donate a portion of their profits to support animals in need.

Check out Cell4Pets.com

Cell4Pets.com is an online cell phone buyback company that pays you cash for your used cell phone.  Once they purchase your used cell phone they will refurbish them and sell them again, donating a portion of the profits to support no-kill animals shelters and help animals in need.

The great thing is that they pay just as much as other popular cell phone buy back services but will donate some of the profits to support animals in need.  They also pay on average, 30% more than the cell phone carriers will.  Again, why would you ever sell your phone back to the cell phone carriers.

They accept popular brand such as iPhone, Samsung and Google Pixel.  They also buy phones from other brands and models.  You can also sell your phone if it is broken, though you’ll get less than if it was in working order.

Cell4pets.com works very easy:

Receive an Instant Offer

Go to their website, find your phone make/model and get an instant online quote for your phone.

Ship It To Them

Cell4Pets.com pays shipping costs so you can send in your phone free of charge.

Receive Your Payment Fast

Once the phone is evaluated and accepted, payment is made electronically within 3 days.

Support Animals in Need

Once they refurbish and re-sell your old cell phone, they will donate a portion of the sale to support no-kill animal shelters

It’s a very easy process and the total time from quote to sale is only a few days and costs you nothing out of pocket.

Cell4Pets.com is a great place to get top dollar for your device while also helping animals in need.  Check them out today and make selling your used cell phone a win-win for both you and shelter animals that need your support.


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