While IKEA has teamed up with scores of designers over the years, the limited edition SPÄNST collection is out of the IKEA norm. But in a good way.

SPÄNST is an IKEA collab with LA-based fashion designer Chris Stamp (creative director of Stampd), and freelance designer Maja Ganszyniec and is inspired by street fashion and an active lifestyle. You’ll find furniture, accessories, and items for storing, displaying and organising your favourite things at home.

Here’s why I love the SPÄNST collection

#1 Display, not hide

The thought behind the collection: The home is an extension of who we are and how we live our lives. You don’t just want to store the items that reflect your identity – you want to put them on display, for you to admire and for the world to see. At the risk of sounding too Marie Kondo-ish, I do subscribe to editing what we own and displaying what we love.

Chris says it best, “The idea behind the collection is for IKEA to reimagine how the younger, aesthetically conscious consumer is organising their wardrobe and accessories at home. I want them to be able to take pride in how they display their clothing and footwear, allowing them to appreciate their pieces just as much when they’re not being worn.”

#2 Monochromatic colour palette

I do have a thing for black and white. And the SPÄNST collection hits all the right tones. But it’s not just about the colour (or lack thereof) but how the collection lets your objects take center stage. Like the shoe boxes, in black, white or clear. And the mesh wardrobe (pictured above).

#3 Pushing the boundaries

I find the blurring of boundaries interesting. What is a home furnishing store “supposed” to design and how far can it possibly go? With Chris Stamp, IKEA crosses into different mediums, between essential apparel and furniture. Besides statement storage pieces, like a transparent shoebox, a clothing rack and a mesh wardrobe, SPÄNST also introduces a few new, perhaps more unexpected, items – like a standing support, hoodies and a skateboard.

Chris adds, “I’m really excited to have been a part of launching the first skateboard, for IKEA, ever.”

The collection will be streaming into stores this month so you should be able to check them out in person. If you see it in store, let me know what you think.

All photos courtesy of IKEA.com

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