One Home Depot employee wrote about a horrific scene in the store’s bathroom. “In the stall a pool of blood and splatter all over the toilet paper holder. Mounds of completely soaked toilet paper and more splatter on the door of the stall. Then bloody footprints and huge splatters of blood that got smaller as the footprints faded.” The employee thinks a shoplifter tried to cut open a package or cut off a tag and slashed themselves.  Every DIYer should own these safety gear items.
Just before closing, a Home Depot employee recalled a man who said he “just needed to get something really quick,” so the manager let him in. About 10 minutes later, the man was found in the garden area throwing items to his friends waiting on the other side of the fence. The manager told the man to just come down from the fence, but he instead jumped, broke both his legs and an ambulance was called.  Here are 10 modern fence ideas for your backyard.
We all have at least one customer service horror story, but imagine getting so upset you decide to spit on the counter. That’s just what happened when one customer became irate at one Home Depot service desk.
One Reddit poster reported that they spotted a customer spanking their child in the lumber aisle with … you guessed it — lumber.
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Load It Up
Another Reddit user recalled an experience where a customer wanted them to load 600 pounds of concrete and 30 sheets of particle board into his van. Only there was a small problem — that’s a lot of weight for any vehicle. The customer drove away with his tires flat as a pancake and his differential scraping the ground, the poster said.
Here are our tips on how to safely haul things so you don’t have your differential scraping the ground.
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Think Before Calling
Sometimes it’s a good idea to think before you call someone. That was the case for one Home Depot customer who called Home Depot and threatened to call lawyers because their drawer liners didn’t stick well, a Reddit user wrote. The Home Depot employee said the customer and her husband had spent hours trying to put the drawer liners in. The customer even threatened to call the CEO of Home Depot. Later on, the store got a voice mail asking them to disregard the previous voicemails. Turns out, the caller’s husband forgot to peel the back of the drawer liners.

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