This is my loft storage hack for the awkward space, where the sloping ceiling meets the wall.

I can’t put anything there, but I wanted to find a way to add in more under-eaves storage.

IKEA items used:
  • IKEA MALM — 1 x single and 2 x doubles
Other materials and tools:
  • Birch wood front for each drawer
  • Colour Deco Blue on MALM base

IKEA hack for loft storage:

I’ll let the pictures tell the story. I wanted to show how I refurbished my loft bedroom using IKEA elements in the process.

In the project, I went with the IKEA MALM chest of drawers. The chests are integrated under the eaves, in my attic bedroom.

I also cut the inner wall to get the chests in as deep as possible. It was nothing hard, just time consuming. As I was already replacing the windows, it was necessary to open up the walls and ceilings anyway. If not, making built-in furniture is a big job, if you want good results.

I live in Norway and based the design on natural Nordic design. In Northern Europe, design is all about natural materials and the minimalist look. So I added a few natural elements to the IKEA MALM chests.

I opted for all birch wood drawer fronts to replace the particleboards that come with the MALM. The birch panels are cut in an angle at the top to get a descent grip when pulling open the drawers.

I had to get a guy who had a CNC Cutter to fashion the custom birch drawer fronts. All I did was to provide him with one original MALM drawer front panel. He entered the correct measurements into his computer and the CNC cutter did the rest. It was not expensive and he billed me for a couple of hours of labour and a couple of plywood plates, totalling $500.  Stylish loft storage with customised built-in IKEA chests Stylish loft storage with customised built-in IKEA chests

Then, I treated the drawer fronts with a decor wax with white pigments to keep them from turning yellow.

Loft storage finishing touches

On top of the chest, I used Marble Carrera C top pieces which cost me about $500.

Stylish loft storage with customised built-in IKEA chests
I’m very happy with my loft storage solution and wouldn’t do anything different.

So far, my visitors find it a unique piece. I love the design yet still a very functional piece of furniture.

~ by Peik Helly-Hansen, Norway. Follow me on Instagram @peikhellyhansen

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