This superfood pink latte tastes as good as it looks! I tell you this because I’ve definitely had my fair share of superfood lattes at various cafes that look super interesting, but don’t live up to their looks.

I’m definitely digging all things pink these days – hence this latte. It’s just a colour that sings happiness and contentment to me. I’ve been wearing lots of pink coloured shirts since this obsession began, despite the photo below. 

I love warm drinks in the winter whether it’s a Turmeric LatteMatcha Latte or a Rise and Shine Latte. I’m a happy gal when I have something warm and comforting while I work away in my office. 

The ingredients are pretty simple in this recipe, but they are super nourishing, rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and anti-inflammatory compounds.

To give that beautiful pink colour you’ll need to get either organic raspberry powder (my preference) or beet powder. Both look beautiful, but the former is definitely waaaaay tastier! This is the raspberry powder I used and this is the beet powder you can use.

Organika also makes a “pink latte” mix with beet powder which I’ve also used before (the lighter pink) and it’s in the photo below but the colour is not as vibrant.

To get a nice frothy latte be sure to make this in your blender. It needs the high power blender to blitz it to perfection!

The blender makes it frothy and the coconut butter makes it creamy. There is no nut milk or any milk added to this recipe. The magic is in the coconut butter so don’t skip this ingredient. Nutiva makes a wonderful coconut butter (called “manna”) that is delicious to slather on toast or pancakes after you’ve used it for the tasty latte. Coconut butter is actually very easy to make with coconut flakes. I just don’t have a recipe to share on the blog… yet 🙂

The maple syrup gives it an added sweetness, so if you’re using beet powder, you may want to make it a little sweeter as the raspberry powder has a lovely sweetness all on its own. 

Here’s the recipe for my Superfood Pink Latte! 

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Serves 2.

Raspberry powder has a slightly sweet flavour so you may not have to add as much maple syrup or at all. I bought it on amazon, see my link below.

*Genuine Health’s unflavoured collagen dissolves really nicely into this recipe which I highly recommend you add.

If you want to take it an extra step and froth up some foam, then go for it! Using a milk frother or the steamer on your espresso machine you can choose your favourite nut or oat milk and steam it up!

Be sure to sprinkle it some raspberry powder on top! And this recipe serves 2!

Okay and just one more photo because this latte is sooooooo pretty!

Have a joyous week!

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