I am an interior designer and I love to do things by myself and very often I use IKEA products.

This time, I made a tufted headboard for the bed in my son’s room. We moved to new apartment and I had to furnish the rooms for all of my three kids.

I wanted nice interiors for all of them, but at the same time we could not spend too much. Also I dislike wasting things that could be used or reused if slightly changed. So this IKEA hack merged the best of my abilities.

Materials for tufted headboard:
  • Table top
  • Curtain fabric
  • Denim fabric
  • Water based paint

FJELLSE bed frame | IKEA.com

I bought IKEA bedframe FJELLSE, second hand, so it was half price (app. 48 USD). We had our own mattress. Assemble the bed according to IKEA instructions.

Making the headboard

First, I painted the bed frame with water based paint. Set aside and let it dry.

Then, I moved on to the headboard. I used a table top to form the base of the headboard.

On the table top, I drilled holes where I wanted the buttons. After that, I sprayed adhesive onto the desk and glued on the foam. This helps so that it does not move while working on it.

My plan was to wrap it with a grey Manchester curtain fabric, which was previously used in my dining room.

How to tuft the headboard

For the tufting, I made my own buttons from denim. The denim was cut off from the old jeans of my younger son. I always do shorts when they make holes on the knees 🙂
Tufted headboard for IKEA FJELLSE bed
Tufted headboard for IKEA FJELLSE bed

What I did was to first spread the fabric over the headboard. Then I started attaching the denim buttons, through the holes I had previously drilled.

After they were in place I started to slightly pull and staple the fabric onto the back of the desk to get the shape.

When the tufted headboard is done, I attached it to the FJELLSE frame. The tufted headboard slots snug between the frame and the mattress.

I hope you like my IKEA FJELLSE headboard hack 🙂

~ by Tereza Scarlett. Follow me on Facebook.

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