I’m wanting to create a row of units 1600mm wide in a hallway using IKEA kitchen base cabinets (the METOD) with a worktop for a display area and wall units above.

But …

I would like to have wall units as deep as the base units since I’d like to frame the whole piece with full height end panels.

Does anyone know if it is possible to hang the METOD base units on the wall? And would any additional support be required to make them secure?

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There is one major difference between the IKEA kitchen base cabinets and wall cabinets, besides the depth. IKEA kitchen base cabinets do not come with a top panel.

There are ways to go around this, definitely. (Like flipping the base cabinets, with the cavity facing down and adding a countertop to the new bottom. Which potentially can look really amazing if paired well with your worktop.)

But will it be worth the effort to reinforce everything and make new holes for mounting? Only you can decide. Besides, adding a countertop will add weight to the frames, which is another consideration. 

METOD wall cabinet | IKEA.com

METOD base cabinet | IKEA.com

IKEA kitchen wall cabinets are hung on a rail system. And how much weight it can bear will depend on many factors — eg. the use of correct fixtures for your type of wall, the distance of wall studs, how well your installer fixes it … etc.   

So I would not recommend installing IKEA kitchen base cabinets up on the wall.

Wall cabinets as deep as IKEA kitchen base cabinets

However, to achieve the kind of look you want, you can use the IKEA METOD Top Cabinet or Freezer Top Cabinet. They come in a depth of 60 cm, same as base cabinets.

You can see a photo of it in my IKEA kitchen makeover. I used 2 Fridge Top cabinets stacked above my fridge. But the remaining wall cabinets to the left are regular wall cabinets. 

Fridge/Freezer top cabinet | IKEA.com

METOD Top cabinet | IKEA.com

I hope your plan still works with these two types of cabinets.

Plan B – if the IKEA kitchen base cabinets do not work out

Or change your plan to the BESTÅ system. I found a photo of a pretty amazing set-up using BESTÅ. Just cover up the sides with the panels, if you want the ends closed.

Source: chasseursdastuces.com

Let us know how it goes.

And whatever you decide, be sure to discuss your kitchen plan with the Kitchen Specialist at IKEA. They’ll be able to give you solid advice.

And if you’re not going the DIY route, ask around and get a good IKEA kitchen installer. They can make wonders happen.

Good luck and happy hacking

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